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Part 2: Additional Costs to Consider

Embarking on a home extension journey involves more than just the construction costs. Understanding the additional expenses that may arise is crucial for effective project planning. Studio: MASS, with over 12 years of expertise in extension projects, provides insights into the various costs you should consider.

Other Extension Costs to Remember :

  1. Designer Costs: Included in Studio: MASS's comprehensive package.

  2. Structural Calculations: Essential for ensuring the structural integrity of your extension.

  3. Party Wall Agreements and Surveyor Costs: If required, these are critical for maintaining good relations with neighbors.

  4. Planning Permission or Certificate of Lawful Development Costs: Essential for compliance with local regulations.

  5. Reports or Surveys for Soil or Foundations: Ensuring a solid foundation for your extension.

  6. Drainage, Pipes, Skips, Parking Permits: Often overlooked but integral to the smooth progress of the project.

  7. Fitting Out Your Extension: Consider costs for furnishing and finishing your extended space.

  8. Rental Costs: If considering moving out during the construction phase.

When considering additional extension costs, Studio: MASS recommends a holistic approach, combining extensions with refurbishment projects or loft conversions.

This not only adds value but ensures consistency in work quality throughout your home.

For a detailed breakdown of costs and expert advice on your extension project, contact Studio: MASS. by emailing or calling 0208 638 6727. Or click the Talk to Us button above to book a free consultation


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