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At Studio: MASS, we're actively engaged in the design and construction of numerous loft conversions across London, transforming them into exquisite spaces.


Many London residents seek additional space for a growing family or a dedicated personal area without the financial burden of moving. Whatever your goal for a London loft conversion, Studio: MASS has you covered.

Our primary objective is to streamline the process, alleviating as much hassle and stress as possible.

We offer end-to-end services, managing everything from design and construction, including architectural drawings, planning permission, structural calculations, and construction. 

Our specialisation lies in making every loft or attic conversion straightforward and stress-free. Considering a move? A loft conversion in your London property can increase its value by up to 25%, proving a lucrative long-term investment.

Loft conversions in London are a popular home improvement choice, providing increased living space at a lower cost than moving house entirely.


Trust Studio: MASS to turn your loft into a valuable asset for your home.

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