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Welcome to Studio: MASS, your trusted extension designers dedicated to helping you add more space, light, comfort, and good vibes to your home. As life evolves, so should our homes, meeting different needs with style and functionality.

Whether you dream of a spacious, light-filled home extension or need an extra bedroom for a growing family, Studio: MASS turns your ideas into beautifully designed extensions that complement your home's existing features, creating ideal layouts with maximum square footage.

As specialists in extensions, our team oversees every stage of your house extension, from conception to completion. We handle everything, from planning permission and building regulations to contractor selection and construction inspection, guiding you every step of the way.

Unlock the full potential of your property with Studio: MASS. If you're feeling cramped, frustrated, or in need of more space, our residential designers will assess and evaluate your home's potential for growth. We offer site-specific recommendations for beautifully designed extensions, tailored to your work requirements or family needs.

Planning permission can be complex, but with Studio: MASS, it becomes a breeze. Our multidisciplinary team, including house extension designers and planning consultants, provides industry insights and strategic solutions, ensuring a successful planning permission process. With a deep understanding of UK planning law and extensive experience in residential architecture, we help you elevate your space to its highest potential.

Designing and building your perfect home extension is our passion. Unlike other designers, we collaborate closely with you to develop your desired design, considering materials, finishes, fixtures, and fittings. Whether you seek a complementary addition or a bold statement, we create bright, spacious, and beautifully functional home extensions.


Taking control of the construction phase is crucial, and Studio: MASS excels in this area. After securing planning permission, we progress to the Technical Design + Building Regulations stage, followed by Contract Administration + Construction Inspection. Your concept becomes concrete reality under our guidance. Drawing on our extensive experience with builders for house extensions, we've developed proven steps and a hands-on construction inspection approach, minimizing complications and monitoring costs. Collaborating with you every step of the way, we ensure a stress-free process, completing your project on time and within budget. Take the first step towards your dream home extension with Studio: MASS.

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