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Part 1: The Average Costs of Extensions in London (2023)

Expanding your living space through a home extension is an exciting prospect, particularly in the dynamic landscape of London, where every inch of space counts. Determining the average costs of extensions in the capital is a crucial step in planning your project.

In the bustling city, the cost of extensions can vary, influenced by factors such as property size, specific goals, and even your location within the metropolis.

The experienced team at Studio: MASS, with over a decade of expertise in designing and building extensions, recognizes the complexities involved in estimating costs accurately.

Insight into Extension Costs (2023):

  • Side Return Extension: Starting from £50,000, this extension proves a cost-effective means to extend kitchen and dining areas, especially popular for terraced or period properties.

  • Small Extension: Approximately £50,000 - £60,000 in London, with costs varying based on location and the chosen area for extension.

  • Rear Extension: Averaging around £60,000, this extension impacts garden space and may require planning permission, with internal specifications influencing costs.

  • Single Storey Extension: Starting at approximately £50,000, this extension can be carried out on any side of the home, dependent on available exterior space.

  • Wrap Around Extension: Combining both rear and side return extensions, this impressive addition costs approximately £75,000 and upwards in London, depending on the extension's size and specifications.

  • Double Storey Extension: Positioned at the higher end of the cost spectrum, starting from £85,000 upwards in London, this extension adds extra bedrooms and living space both upstairs and downstairs.

Studio: MASS's Offer:

  • Bespoke Home Improvements: Clients often opt for refurbishment of other rooms simultaneously, ensuring consistency in work quality throughout the home.

  • Loft Conversion: Combine a loft conversion with an extension to maximize space, with savings potentially made by having Studio: MASS handle both projects simultaneously.

When considering the average costs of extensions in London, it's essential to engage with Studio: MASS's experienced team to discuss costs, design tips, and bespoke options.

Every project delivered by Studio: MASS works to your budget, ensuring your extension meets both your space requirements and financial constraints.

To discuss your extension requirements and gain a detailed cost breakdown, contact Studio: MASS today. Book a free, no-obligation consultation by pressing the Talk to Us button above, or by emailing or calling 0208 638 6727.


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