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Navigating the increasingly complex planning process and securing local authority approval for your home project can be the most challenging aspect for homeowners and developers.  

At Studio : MASS we understand these frustrations and are here to streamline the journey for you.  

With extensive experience dealing with local authorities across London, our proactive approach anticipates potential issues.

We integrate a planning strategy into the design from the outset, enhancing the likelihood of approval for your plans.

Our team, well-versed in planning policy, can manage the application on your behalf, ensuring the submission of drawings and documentation needed for a smooth process. 

Collaborating closely with you, we aim to create a design that fulfills your vision while meeting the council's criteria. Continuous checks with your design brief, along with assessments and refinements, ensure a feasible project.

Post-submission, we work with planning officers to dispel any doubts, aiming for their consent. For complex projects, we might suggest a pre-application, allowing amendments before the full planning application. This proactive step increases officer support for your proposal.

Trust Studio : MASS to guide you through this intricate process, making your dream home project a reality with a smoother planning journey.

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