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At studio : MASS our goal is to make your project as run as smooth as possible from start to finish.  We deal with everything from measuring up to design, and securing the necessary Planning and Building Regulation approvals.

With years of experience and a high planning approval success rate, let us help you make your project as simple and efficient as possible.


Once you have signed off the design we submit and manage your Planning application to the Local Authority.  We will liaise with the planning officers and keep you updated as the application progresses.   Following the planning stage we will develop your design further to produce detailed technical drawings that will form part of the Building Regulations application.  We will submit and manage all applications to to ensure the design gets planning and building regulations approval


Throughout the process we will be on hand to support you.  We will connect you with the necessary consultants, such as structural engineers or party wall surveyors, to ensure the all the details are in place and project runs smoothly.  We can also connect you with contractors and support you throughout the construction phase.

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