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How to Make Changes to your Planning Consent.

Optimizing Your Planning Permission:

Unlocking Possibilities After Planning Permission

Congratulations! You've secured planning permission for your dream project. But what if you want to fine-tune things without going back to the drawing board? Studio: MASS is here to guide you through the process with our expertise in architectural design.

1. Non-Material Amendment Application: Streamlining Small Changes

Quick and Hassle-Free Adjustments

If your alterations won't shake the foundations of your project—think moving a window or making minor tweaks—a non-material amendment application is your go-to. This quick process (28 days) under Section 96A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is designed for changes that won't majorly impact the approved design.

2. Minor Material Amendment Application: Crafting Impactful Changes

Adapting to Evolving Needs

For modifications with a material impact—like altering layouts or roof heights—a Section 73 application is your tool. Although it takes a bit more time (8 to 12 weeks), it allows for changes that could affect neighbors or the neighborhood's appearance.

Key Differences: Non-Material vs. Minor Material

Choosing the Right Path S96A amendments offer speed and efficiency but come with limitations on appeal if refused. On the other hand, S73 applications provide a more comprehensive approach, allowing neighbors to comment and technically offering a new parallel permission.

Cautionary Note: Navigating Grey Areas

Interpreting Legislation While S73 is typically for minor material amendments, a 2023 court judgment hinted at a broader interpretation. Careful consideration, matching descriptions, and adherence to local policies remain crucial.

Bottom Line: Making Your Project Better

Resubmission Options

If your tweaks align with non-material or minor material criteria, you're on the right track. Some local authorities allow a free resubmission within 12 months for similar developments that maintain the original character.

Seeking Professional Guidance: Studio: MASS at Your Service

Your Architecture Partner

Navigating planning amendments can be intricate. Studio: MASS, a leader in architectural design, stands ready to assist. With a focus on proven design, planning, and residential expertise, we're here to help you make changes smoothly.

Ready to elevate your project? Contact Studio: MASS for tailored support and turn your vision into reality.


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